Level 3 Session

Level 3 Session

Join the Level 3 session
Meet with the industrial Inspection and asset integrity experts, welding & corrosion experts. The NDTX provides a platform for discussing the latest critical issues in the key sectors of the oil and gas, Petrochemicals, Construction, and in addition to various & critical topics related to the energy and the industry.

The NDT & Welding world is growing at a rapid pace, from advances in technology to artificial intelligence, and knowledge learning, the NDTX Conference is a reflection of this evolution.

At the NDTX and from day one you will be circled by the industry’s promising and brilliant sense. Earn valuable insights from fulfilling sessions delivered by well-known reflection leaders. 

Let's meet up in 2024, beyond traditional and advanced ways to accelerate a lower Destructive Higher growth world.

Join as a Level 3 Speaker

Speak at the regional’s leading Industrial Inspection, Welding and Corrosion conference and show and present the paper in the technical program.

NDT Corner Expo (NDTX) invites you to submit a proposal to be part of the technical program and share your knowledge, experience, and solutions with industry colleagues from around the world.